Thursday, July 28, 2016

What I did on the holidays


In the holidays I was packing it was so boring then we went to my mums friends he lives near a pie shop we get a pie each time.

" Are we looking at the new house mum" I said? she said "yes we are But we have to look at the out side" she said. Theres a lemon tree. I love lemon threes We have a basket ball hoop Jack loves basket ball. Mum said "get in the car"said mum.
                   At my dads

"OH NO one of the street light have fell over" Dad said angrily because we needed to go three way


"With your cuisine you get to go some where" dad said. I was grumpy we went to bolrama


an then we went to the park and josh can climb this tree and we learnt how to climb it.


We took a picture


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